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Addams Family, The: Addams, Wednesday Alice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter, The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Wonka, Willy Charlie's Angels - Sanders, Dylan Chronicles of Narnia - Aslan Ever After: de Barbarac, Danielle Forrest Gump - Gump, Forrest Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot Harry Potter series: Lovegood, Luna Howl's Moving Castle: Jenkins, Howell 'Wizard Howl' Indiana Jones - Jones, Indiana James Bond series - Bond, James Little Women - March, Josephine 'Jo' Matrix series, The - Smith, Agent Matrix series, The: Neo Memoirs of a Geisha - Nitta, Sayuri (Chiyo Sakamoto) Mummy Series, The: Carnahan O'Connell, Evelyn aka Evie Night World Series - Jordan, Rashel Night World Series - Keller, Raksha Night World Series - Redfern, Ash Pirates of the Caribbean series - Sparrow, Captain Jack Pirates of the Caribbean series: Norrington, James Star Wars series: R2-D2 V for Vendetta - V Vampire Diaries - Salvatore, Damon 

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