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The Listmaker is a fanlisting collective maintained by Kaz. I'm simply displaying the ones I've joined, and aren't likely to own one anytime soon. Partly because just working on this one website is hard enough alongside all my other hobby projects. Partly because then I'd have to make another layout... and that's not happening for at least another six months ha.

Version one features the ever lovely Natalie Portman. The bold shadows, wild hair and red outfit make me think she would fit in well on one of those TV shows as a badass werewolf or vampire. This influenced the choice in typography in the style of a gothic fairy tale. The site was coded in Notepad++ and is best viewed in Chrome.

Fanlistings and online TCGs are a guilty pleasure of mine. See my efforts in the latter from the main portal, kaz.skyspell.org.

Is this enough information? I don't know what to put here...